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Look inside to read more about eight-year-old Katie’s story with the donor-funded Adapted Swim program. 


Adapted Swim Lessons are one-on-one lessons that provides children with developmental, physical, or cognitive abilities the opportunity to learn and enjoy swimming at their own pace and in their own learning style.  The program is funded in part by Washington County Community Foundation and other generous donors.

Home for the Holidays (and All Year Round!)

Thanks to donors like you, many Heart Failure patients can avoid the hospital and spend more time at home – doing the activities they like to do.  And that’s a wonderful gift as families gather together at the holidays!
 Meet our Congestive Heart Failure Navigators
Left: Navigator Shelly Sargent, BSN, with Junior.  Jeni Sworden, RN, BSN, with her patient, Paula.
Congestive heart failure, or just heart failure, is disease where your heart muscle is too weak to pump enough oxygen-rich blood through your body, resulting in potentially life-threatening buildup of “congestive” fluid in the lungs, legs, and other tissues of the body.
Heart Failure is a disease that doesn’t get better – all you can do is manage it.
Our Heart Failure Nurse Navigators help our patients manage it the best way possible!
Junior, a patient in the program for seven months, struggled to breathe every day and felt like he was dying, until Shelly stepped in.  She educated him about how to manage his symptoms and coordinated care with his doctors.  “My health has improved 100%!”
Shelly and Jeni coordinate care for 442 congestive heart failure patients.  Most are enrolled while they are in the hospital, and Shelly and Jeni’s real work begins after they leave.
Paula started in the program in August.  “After coming home from the hospital, it was very scary.  Jeni and the program took all the weight off my shoulders.  They provided a blood pressure cuff and scale that I needed and told me how important it was to take my weight every day.”
“When I need to call a doctor, I call Jeni,” Paula said.  “She gets in touch with the doctor and gets an answer sooner than if I called.”
Junior added, “Whenever I have a problem – anything – I call Shelly. She is a go between with doctors, and gets an answer in less than 10 minutes.”
When a patient’s blood pressure is up or they have gained water weight, that quick response makes the difference between staying at home and going to the hospital.
Shelly and Jeni keep them out of the hospital by:
  • Educating patients about how to take care of themselves and manage their symptoms
  • Communicating directly and quickly with physicians when symptoms get out of control
  • Making medicine adjustments by phone as directed by doctors
When patients’ symptoms are still uncontrolled, they direct patients to come to the Outpatient Heart Failure Clinic at Washington Hospital.  Patients often receive IV diuretics there and are home in a couple hours – avoiding an Emergency Department visit or a hospital stay.
Thank you to all of the donors who support the Congestive Heart Failure program!
You make it possible for our patients to stay home and do their favorite activities at the holidays and every day!

Monthly Giving Supports Patient Care All Year Long

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