An Energetic WHS Employee Gives Insight to Volunteerism

Meet Lynn Bular, Manager of Hospital Systems in Washington Health System’s Information Systems Department.  Lynn is also a School of Nursing Alumni and a volunteer supporter for every WHS Foundation event!

 Talk about “Energy” to support WHS’s mission of “Great Patient Care,” Lynn has been working for WHS for the last 29 years.  She states, “I’m passionate about doing the best job possible.  I hold myself to high standards in both my personal and professional life.”  When asked about why she volunteers her time for the Foundation, Lynn replies “I enjoy working the various annual events (Charity Ball, Golf Outing & Clay Shoot) with the Foundation staff.”

 Lynn has been an Orchard Member (Donors who make annual gifts of $250 or more to support the mission to provide great patient care) since 2014 and states, “In addition to supporting the Foundation through annual contributions, my time is another way to help out.  It’s a great opportunity to make connections with those individuals that support the Washington Health System Foundation and ultimately support the growth of an organization!”

 Thank you, Lynn, and all our volunteers and donors for giving your time and gifts to support programs that benefit patients and families in our community!

Barb De Furio: A Lifetime of Volunteering and Giving

“I love to see smiles!” Barbara “Barb” De Furio exclaims when she talks about volunteering at WHS Women’s Health at Meadows Landing.  “I love people, and I love Washington Hospital!  Being here – it’s like a family!”
Barb is a Washington Hospital Auxiliary Lifetime Volunteer.  Barb began volunteering after she retired from Washington Financial and a 26-year career in banking.   She worked 16 years in the Washington Hospital Gift Shop and at the WHS Women’s Health Center.
“I am so tickled to see a family find out whether they are having a boy or a girl,” Barb says.  “I love to ask when they are looking at the pictures.  The whole family goes back to the exam room.  That’s a privilege WHS provides because not every hospital lets the whole family be present to find out.”
Barb was born in Washington Hospital.  She delivered her five children there, including her daughter who was born on her birthday.  Six of her grandchildren were born at Washington.  Barb and her husband Carmon are WHS donors.  She and Carmon have financially supported Washington Health System since 2005 because “the hospital provides excellent care.” 
Barb and Carmon raised their financial commitment in November 2017 to become members of the Orchard Society, a group of donors who make annual gifts of $250 or more.  Barb was inspired to join the Orchard Society after reading a letter from Jane Piatt, a fellow volunteer and Orchard Society member.
Barb and Carmon were looking for a way to give to Washington Hospital when they received Jane’s letter.  “That letter was a big influence.  We didn’t know the options of how we could give, but we knew Jane and her family.  And my husband knows how much I like to volunteer.”
They became 2018 Orchard Society members and have already renewed their membership for 2019.
Orchard Society members have their names listed on the Donor Recognition plaque in Washington Hospital’s lobby, so Barb sees her name when she visits the hospital as a volunteer.  It is important to them to support the Capital Campaign to improve our obstetrics unit and construct the new CARE Center for Family Birth and Women’s Health.
One time they experienced great care was when Barb became sick during the winter of 2016-2017.  She had to stay in Washington Hospital for a very long time.  “Everyone took such good care of me – from the doctors and nurses to the nursing assistants to housekeeping.  I couldn’t believe it!”
When she and her husband have visited the Emergency Department, she said, “Everyone is on the ball from the time you get in until the time you get out.  You don’t have to wait for hours like you used to.”

“The hospitality cart comes through, and that’s very kind if you can’t get to a vending machine because your loved one is sick or hurt.  We treat our visitors so good!”

Thank you to Barb, Carmon, and all our volunteers and donors for giving your time to help our patients and families!


Cuddling and Campaigning
A Donor’s Ongoing Care for Children and Our Community

 Giving babies and families a healthy and happy start – that is so important to Ami Andy Hillebrand, a stay-at-home mom, WHS Foundation Board member, volunteer Cuddler, and Co-Chair of the WHS Capital Campaign for the CARE Center for Family Birth and Women’s Health.

Trained NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome) Volunteers, also known as Cuddlers, help care for babies that are undergoing withdrawal because of exposure to drugs in their mother’s womb. Cuddlers hold these babies and offer emotional support while they experience the systems of NAS: irritability, tremors, trouble sleeping, excessive crying, difficulty eating, vomiting and/or diarrhea.

“The babies need that human contact. To be swaddled or cuddled while they are crying brings them comfort,” Ami says. “They need a little extra love. By having someone there to hold them, they are able to calm down.”

Besides volunteering, Ami is co-chairing the campaign to reconstruct our obstetrics unit into the CARE Center for Family Birth and Women’s Health.

“I’m a firm believer in giving back to the community, and WHS is an incredible asset to our region,” Ami says. “You want to have a place where you can go and be comfortable when you’re sick or in need of care – without having to leave the county.”

The new CARE Center for Family Birth and Women’s Health can better welcome new and soon-to-be mothers to WHS – with larger rooms, increased security, a redesigned family entrance, and a new nursery with a special area with dimmer lighting and less noise for babies born with NAS.

“Some women have never even visited a hospital until they deliver their baby,” Ami says. “Our goal is to create a warm, comforting environment.”

As a volunteer Cuddler, Ami appreciates how these additions will make life easier for new mothers, their babies, and their families.

She hopes that others will consider helping new mothers by donating to the WHS Foundation and become part of the WHS family.

“I encourage everyone in the community to help support WHS in whatever way works for them,” Ami says. “They can volunteer their time, help with an event or, if they’re feeling inclined, become a donor on some level.”

Thank you, Ami and donors like you, for your ongoing care and support of our babies and families!

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